Responsive design

The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

Mobile friendly design

Your website's information – images, texts, videos, links – is easily and readily accessible on the much smaller screen of smartphones and tablets.

Navigation usability

The most annoying feature of a website is improper or confusing navigation, leaving users lost and wondering what to do next. Our web solutions handle it.

eCommerce solutions

The main objectives for establishing an online presence are: Promoting/selling a service or product online. Providing product support or customer service.

Creative solutions for your business

We offer a range of website design services, from initial design to build into a responsive, good looking and user friendly website. For ultimate control we can also build in a content management system so you can update content wherever you are in the world.

Website design/redesign 

Your website is a business tool. It’s a sales pitch, a business card, a display for products/services, an advertisement, and a listing. Each of these functions is essential to your brand and your success both online and off.

Project 5 step workflow

We have a simple 5 step workflow at Mid Ulster Wed Design. Easy, customer friendly and fast.


At meeting we can get relevant informations about your business. We can collect every information what you have and helps creating a great, informative website. If you have any idea we will added to your website. If you have photos, logo or any other detail we will use it if you don’t we will do them so don’t worry!


At next step we are planning your website view and sending you a first plan when you can decide what details you like and what changes you want. You can change anything. If you are not sure we can help at details!


It is the most important step where we have to create many posts. It is what Google, Yahoo, Bing and other “Search Engines” will “recognize”, “read” and index. These details will be seen by customers!


When you have agreed on the visual concept, the site is created. The designer will work closely with a developer to take the graphic elements from the prototype and create a functioning website.Usually, the home page is developed first and then followed by the interior pages. Elements like contact forms and shopping carts – if you have a webshop – are also implemented during this stage. We can do everything only need your confirmation getting them done!


The final phase is when the designer will test aspects like the functionality of forms and how the website will be displayed on different devices and across various web browsers. This includes checking that all of the code written for the site is valid. At this stage you are given opportunity to give feedback and any necessary tweaks and changes are made. The site is now ready to be launched into the world- and start bringing in new business!